Welcome again to Feature Friday. Sadly we had to miss last week due to our massive Perth event, but we’re back with a lovely blogger that has been supportive of us right from day one.



Who are you and what is your blog name?

Natalie Laura and my blog is
I’m also @simplynatalielaura on Instagram

How’d your blog name come about?

Perfect question as I’ve just rebranded!
I used to be Halfway2Healthy but had a few bumps along the way as it turns out it’s similar to another healthy living blog.
I decided that a name change would be a great new (second?) chance at discovering what path I want to follow- which is being a Healthy Living blogger.

How long have you been blogging for, where did your passion come from and what do you blog about?

I’ve been blogging for about 18 months but mainly started with Instagram and decided writing about things in more detail, with step by step photos made more sense.

What have been some of your highlights through blogging eg events you’ve attended, brands you’ve worked with or reaching a certain milestone.

It was really a chain of events that started the ball rolling- I blogged about a Fernwood Fitness membership I had won & how amazed I was with the club, which in turn ended up giving me a free pass to a weight loss programme, which then allowed me to connect with likeminded others- Nikita- and then I became a part of Bloggers United. I have gained so much knowledge & and have found direction. I’ve also realised there’s  a LOT of bloggers are out there that are willing to help & swap ideas.

Tell us a quirk about you?

 I have every Mary Kate & Ashley doll ever made. Don’t be jealous ya’ll ☺️

A huge thank you to the very lovely Natalie for answering our questions!
You can find Natalie here:




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