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Each Friday we will feature a new blogger. You can get to know the person behind the blog through a Bloggers United AU interview.

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This Feature Friday we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous and supportive blogger answer our very first interview questions.

Trang –


Who are you and what is your blog name?

Hi friends! My name is Trang (my friends call me Trangles), a 29 year old female born and raised in Melbourne and my Blog name is Doaner-Fide.

How’d your blog name come about?

‘Doan’ is actually my mother’s maiden name and my middle name. I wanted something catchy that was easy to remember, yet represented me so I switched up Bonafide for Doaner-Fide! I didn’t want to use my real name as when I started all this. I didn’t really tell too many people and wasn’t prepared for the critical comments and eye rolls. I was anonymous for quite a while before everyone else started to catch on!

How long have you been blogging for, where did your passion come from and what do you blog about?

I use to actually have a blog going back almost 10 years ago when Xanga was a craze. I blogged about my every day life, food and things I got up to. As I got older I found that I just got too busy to keep up with it so I deactivated my account.
Recently in the past 2 years my love for all things Food & Beauty reignited and I thought, well if Lauren Conrad can do it, so can I. With a lot of help and a big push from my best friends and my husband, Doaner-Fide was born.
I’ve had the Doaner-Fide website and Instgram page up since August 2014 so I’m still a newbie at this! With my old blog, it was just friends and family reading my posts, so this is something completely different. It’s been wonderful to be able to know that strangers (who some are now friends) enjoy my content and leave sweet comments.

What have been some of your highlights through blogging eg. events you’ve attended, brands you’ve worked with or reach a certain milestone.

I think the biggest deal for me was actually attending the Bloggers United Bloggers Event. Prior to that, I really only communicated with other bloggers and brands through Instagram and the actual website. Attending the event opened up so many new doors for me, I put names to faces and made so many new and supportive friends. I think that the blogging community is quite large and it can get pretty catty and competitive so it was so lovely to meet people who were genuine and so willing to help each other out rather than bully and put others down.
I’m self taught when it comes to this beauty stuff so the amount of encouragement I’ve received from strangers the past year has been overwhelming and with a few photos that I’ve posted on my blog and Instagram, I’ve actually been contacted for work doing Makeup for events. It’s been so surreal and super exciting!

Tell us a quirk about you?

I can’t lie – I have an obsession with being a clean and neat freak. It drives my friends, family and husband insane! Along with that, I am super organised! Google Docs and spreadsheets are seriously my best friend! I have spreadsheets for pretty much anything you can think of!

A big thank you to the beautiful trang for letting us interview her. you can find trang here:




3 thoughts on “TRANG from DOANER-FIDE.COM”

  1. I love this new Feature Friday concept, it will be a great weekly read to get to know some fellow bloggers a bit more! Keep up the good work ladies and congratulations on the Beauty Directory article xxx


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