You didn’t think we were going to miss you in 2016 Perth did you??

Our Perth 2.0 event will be held on Sunday 30th October, 2016.
Where: TBA CBD location – event venue will be only released to those who have secured a ticket. Time: A lunchtime affair starting at approximately 1pm and wrapping up around 5pm.

Our first round of release tickets will be only available to those on our mailing list via a email release on Tuesday 6th September at 8pm WST. We are known for the sell out events so we recommend you set those alarms on your phone so you don’t forget.
IF tickets remain from the first mailing list release we then will be releasing to the public on Friday 9th September, 2016 at 8pm WST.

Join our mailing list HERE for first ticket release. – On release day we will send an email at 8pm Tuesday 6th September and you will need to hit reply with I WANT TO COME. – Tickets will cost: $50 per person. This covers any expenditure towards making this event happen. – Payment can be made via PayPal or EFT. Ticket will not be secured until you have been sent a confirmation email back advising of the payment details. A confirmation receipt/screenshot needs to be sent to us in order to ensure we can allocate your payment accordingly.

BUA is about connecting Bloggers, vloggers, social media gurus and alike. We are not about the amount of followers you have and we do not take preference to those who have a large following. We are first in, first serve. These events require you to have an established blog, vlog or social media account where you actively post. We will require links to these when it comes time to purchasing tickets where you will be screened to ensure you are active and meeting criteria above.

We connect bloggers with brands and brands with bloggers. We will have an event that will see you catching up with your blogging friends, meeting new blogger friends, putting a face to a name for both bloggers and brands, getting intimate with brands and being able to meet brands in the flesh. Our events allow you to learn more about brands through our brand marketplace and by taking home a goodie bag with brands who want to be seen by you! Our events also allow you to take home some handy tips and tricks with special guest presenters who will aid you to be the best within your blog. You’ll be able to get questioned answered in our panel line up. BUA events are only the start of the beautiful blossoming relationships you can make with bloggers and brands.

**Please remember: BUA are a non for profit organization and no BUA member takes a profit into their own pockets. What is given to BUA will get put back into BUA.

**There is no expectation to post about our event but we would more than love for you to share your experience so we can continue to get these events happening.
#sneakysnoo… LOYALTY PROGRAM may be discussed in Perth and you will be wanting to rack up those points once we tell you what is going to be happening for BUA.

For any queries about the event please email:


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