Melbourne is a special one for founders Jasmine & Nikita being it’s their hometown and boy did they feel some real hard love from Melbourne this time around. BUA sold out within AN HOUR! And had a wait list that warranted them to do another event all over again, with over 40 more bloggers wanting to come along.

Located at the STUNNING five star luxurious venue of The Royce Hotel on St Kilda Rd just on the outskirts of main CBD area of Melbourne. The hotel boasts of many function rooms to use and as well as having many gorgeous accommodation stay rooms.

The Royce Hotel has this stellar function room: ‘Royce Ballroom’ in which was used for the event day. A super spacious function room that allowed BUA to really show Melbourne how far they have come with their events. Partitions in the middle of the room gave the functionality of being able to create both our marketplace and the theatre style setup for presentations that go along with their events.

If you are ever thinking of where to hold an event The Royce should definitely be high up on that list. BUA can’t commend the function staff we had on hand enough, they were absolutely phenomenal and go that extra mile to ensure that the event run exactly the way they wanted it to.

Cherie from Cherie Bobbins Stay At Home Mum got up and did her thang; once again for us and talked about Media Kits, Working with Brands and Analytics. Cherie presented at the very first ever event back in Melbourne 2015 where all blogger attendees were left wanting more so BUA couldn’t disappoint now without having Cherie get up their and gave a motivational pushing presentation speech to us, to do more with your blogs and allow ourselves more opportunities through our values as bloggers.

Bron from Flat Bum Mum gave a presentation about How to increase your following, Power of hashtags and How to create a community from the use of hashtags. Bron has an amazing community through her hashtag #RealMumStyle in which has brought about much traffic both social media and blog wise. Bron gave us fabulous tips to be able to implement and think hard as to how we can take her tips and personalise them for use within your blogs to create more traffic.

Sammy, Social Media Manager/PR from Vanilla Sugar presented to the attendees on Brands working with Bloggers. Sammy is a woman of many incredible talents who both runs her own blog and is a PR guru so it was great to get insight from a person who knows both sides of the fence.
Sammy brought about what brands will look for when working with bloggers, how to approach brands and what you should be providing to brands when you want to work with them.

Melbourne saw BUA introduce a Bloggers United AU Panel which featured Cherie from Cherie Bobbins / Stay At Home Mum, Bron from Flat Bum Mum, Sammy from Vanilla Sugar and Lauren from Ego Skincare. A very strong and perfect panel team who allowed an open session to questions and queries within the attendees and a bit of chatter amongst themselves that would provide really useful insight in a non-formal environment. Many valid and very strong questions were answered and discussed that provided a really good outcome of thought to take away.

As always BUA events couldn’t run without the amazing support they have been given time and time again… The marketplace brands in attendance on the day: Dr. Hauschka, Enbacci, Good Green Box, Sunsense, Boe Professional, The Healthy Mummy, V10 Plus and Weleda.

And to the many contributing brands who supported BUA through contribution for the attendees to take home with them: Vani – T, Artiste, Anathoth Farm, The Organic Trainer, White Glo, Dove, TBX – The Beauty Exchange, Glam by manicare, Cetaphil, Rosehip PLUS, Luv Ur Body / Luv Ur Skin , Avon / Avon LUXE, Shanghai Suzy, Moogoo, Furless Cosmetics, LUSH, Slim Secrets, John Frieda, MUD, Ulta3, Thankyou, Go Natural and L’Oreal Professional.
AND the biggest THANK YOU goes out to each and every attendee that come along – without the drive from you guys BUA wouldn’t be in the position they are in today. Thank you, you inspire Bloggers United AU to do great things each time for you all.


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